Choosing the right lender is vital to presenting a strong offer. Not all Lenders are created equal. I had a very bad experience with a lender where they dropped the loan on my clients 2 weeks before closing on 2 different properties. I was not happy with them. However, this incident did lead me to a very capable, savvy, experienced lender who closed my client in 2 weeks. Yes, my deals were saved by a lender my clients found.

Not having the best team working for you makes me look bad, if I look bad listing agents will not work with me again. The best associates working together makes deals happen for both my Buyers and my Sellers. When it comes to finding the right lender you should shop around: Costco, Federal Credit Union, Personal bank.

Ideally, pick a few lenders and gain all the knowledge you need about financing programs for home buying. Fun Fact: Congress did change the rules protecting the consumer from negative credit impact when looking to finance a large purchase. This has been a common concern mentioned by many buyers over the years.

So whom would I suggest?

  • Caitlyn Brown – NJ Lenders 908 – 625-0368
  • New America – Glenn Kirsinger – 973-615-9001
  • Jimmy Joseph -Guaranteed Rate – 718-812-7798
  • Embrace Home Loans – Tim Babbitt – Office 800.333.3004 ext 3725 Mobile 973-600-6470

I am confident in each of these lenders to provide a strong partnership to our team and help strengthen our contract offers and close the deal.

  • Or you also have the option of using your personal bank.
  • Credit Unions are also a great source for mortgage options.

It is important to have a pre-approval. Most Sellers do not accept offers that do not include a pre-approval.

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