Home Inspectors

Google Maps is a reliable source for every service needed from Real Estate Attorneys to Home Inspectors etc. Use a basic search “Home Inspector in Union NJ” and you will find an extensive list. Search any town for any service in this way. Simply read reviews and make a few choices.

When you are inquiring for someone’s services it is important to have a few questions lined up.

1 – Cost

2 – Inspection Report Turnaround Time – Very Important! Some Inspectors do have report turnaround times that are beyond 2 days. When it comes to planning the process of Buying you need to know when to expect the report.

3 – Availability – Make sure you are booked early. Have someone lined up, even before you find a house. It doesn’t hurt to have someone you are already familiar with lined up.

4 – Optional – Possibly find a Home Inspection Company that offers tank sweeps as well, boring insect certified, some might offer plumbing line camera inspections. The sewer line camera inspection is a rarity, but you never know if you don’t ask. I have come across home inspectors that have done metal detection on the properties to see if a tank sweep is needed.

List of referrals: As I find more services provided I will update my list. What is here is current but is always subject to change, and as always are listed in no particular order.

  • Ryan Sturzebecker – Alliance Home Inspections – (973) 229-8858
  • TF Home Inspection LLC (908) 463-3423
  • A to Z Home Inspection (973) 405-4364
  • Terra Home Inspections LLC (908) 379-9311
  • All Jersey Home Inspection (908) 917-0194
  • Preffered Pool Inspections (973) 669-0734
  • Plumbing Inspection Sean (908) 265-3300
  • Structural Engineer Inspection (201) 430-9173

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