I used to not like Real Estate Agents…

Kids too, no it’s true. I used to baby sit my neighbors twins in Highs School every summer at the pool everyday. I didn’t dislike them, I would just prefer to avoid them. Snotty nosed, always pestering you for candy, always whining, and then there are the kids….

Now I am a Real Estate agent with a kid, go figure. It wasn’t until I had a child that I truly started to care about all kids. It wasn’t until I became a Real Estate Agent that I understood their need in the industry. In order to legally protect your money, your assets, your commitment to buying a home for your family, you need to understand the process of buying Real Estate. Be it 200,000 or 2,000,000 residential or commercial the importance of assisting your clients to understand how to legally protect themselves throughout the process is paramount.

Knowing the Real Estate transaction process, knowing the area, social clubs, schools, parks, restaurants, commuter access, contractors, attorneys,  and common practices are all important factors.

Today, I love kids and I love helping people find the home of their dreams.

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