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20150816_071440Campaigning on Social Media has brought my properties to the attention of 100,000s. Some families prefer more discretion, I can target NY, Hoboken, Jersey City, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Monmouth County,  California, 1 or all of them. We are a full service agency to all. “We list for less” and offer buyer rebates (if Maxima brings the buyer we rebate the buyer from our commission)

I listen, I list, we sell!

Hundreds of thousands or Millions of dollars – confidence wins contracts. No matter your time frame for house buying, you should start looking today! I can send you automated MLS property lists that you can cancel anytime. Email me the areas you want to see properties in and I can set it up.  I wait for YOUR call. I have a firm no pestering policy.  

I listen, we look, we buy!

20 year career osmosis from Computer Coding into Server / Client Systems Analyst into Senior Corporate IT Support Specialist into a Father in the current phase of my career: Realtor / Flipper.

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