Scrambled eggs

6 eggs – Use as many as you like

1 teaspoon of milk per egg used

1/4 tspn of garlic seasoning You can use nutmeg again a pinch or two depending on how many eggs.

Use hand blender! Highly recommend. I use mine many days each week.

AFTER blended – add 1 tbsp of mozzarella per egg or cheddar

I also take primo deli ham / prosciutto and scissors to make diced ham

I have also used thin sliced sirloin, or chicken sausages diced, or bacon cook cleaned and prep.

I cook, 8 eggs and almost always have left overs for the baby the next morning.

add a tuscan garlic bread slice with avocado and tomatoes. Cup of coffee and a small oj. some berries for the kids.

Everybody’s happy.

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