Noddle ziti non-bake

Ingredients may vary…

1 lb of ground Bison or Turkey – 1 lb Lamb or Chicken – 1 box ziti I prefer the large 1 inchers. – 1 box medium elbows – 1 jar marinara / pasta sauce – havarti cheese 2-3 slices – 4 oz. cream cheese (chive and onion, garden vegetables even Philly Cream Cheese dipping flavors, throw em in!) – sour cream, a table spoon scoop or two – 1 cup mozzarella okay 2 – a second cup of either mozzarella or a cup of other cheese (ghoda, gruyere, swiss… ugot options) – Ricotta sure but only 1/2 cup at most less is more a 1/4 cup would be fine. –

Marinara– Marinara in a sauce pan and add sour cream, cream cheese and ricotta heat to warm blend – set aside

Ground Meat– Cook in large dutchie / season accordingly. Lower heat . Set aside.

Noodles– Cook noodles accordingly, DO NOT COOL THE NOODLES! As soon as the Noodles are ready – drain and return to dutchie.

Mix every thing together: Add your cheeses(mozz, havarti, blended, whatever), Cooked meat(don’t drain meat), add sauce and BOOM!

You can end up with 2 or 3 9 by 13 inch trays. great for re-heats and freezing for a few weeks.

You only have to steam fresh veggies for the meals.


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